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Our Story

A time and space for everything

We love simplicity, and you probably do too. Simplicity in the spaces where we live and work brings clarity of mind, presence in the moment and sense of calm. That's the ideal, but in order to achieve it we all have to face our clutter. We accepted that challenge and as we did, we began to see our clutter differently.

Our Experience

Kuratable was created in 2020 when homes suddenly transformed into multi-use spaces for work, leisure & learning. We leveraged our experience in wood working & metal fabrication, repurposed our existing machines and brought in new talent to help with this new pivot. We have been serving the hospitality industry with modern buffet food presentation systems for conference & events since 2010. SteelForme's  customers include Four Seasons, Fairmont, Ritz Carlton and other discerning customers around the world.

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Our Founder

The origin and impact of each of our products matter.  This is the view each business must take to ensure a better world for the next generation.  It is important for us to understand that the actual cost of a product is far greater than its financial cost.  As we head down this road with our new brand, we will remain conscious of the impact of every decision we make.

At Kuratable, we care.  We care about your clutter.  We care about how things are made.  That's our story - simple.

Craig Bahl - Founder & Creative Director


Our Vision

Our vision is to see people comfortable, content and fully present in every moment, free from the intrusion of everyday clutter.

Our Promise

To source sustainable, high quality materials from sources as close to home as possible while maintaining production under one roof in our facility in Canada.  

Our Mission

To minimize visual noise and maximize the potential of every space, transforming any room from cluttered to curated.