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Materials and Finishes

You could say we're a little obsessed with the details.

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Our solid maple wood tabletops are available in 6 stained finishes.  All of our stains, sealers and topcoats are Made in Canada and are non toxic (no VOC's).  A touch up paint stick is included with all orders.

Leg Style

All table legs are produced using solid aluminum and available in three styles.  The edges are beveled and corners are rounded to create a softer aesthetic.  Each component is sanded by hand before a topcoat is applied.


At Kuratable the details matter.  We used traditional wood joinery methods to join our aluminum legs.  Half lap joints provide an industrial chic style. All hardware is flush mounted and finished in brushed stainless.

Stainless Steel Tray

The 18/8 stainless steel tray is laser cut and bent in house to fit snug into the centre cut-out.  The ends are slotted so you can run your power cables under the table.  18/8 stainless steel is dishwasher safe.

The Insert

A thick high density foam tray is inserted into the stainless steel tray to keep your devices organized and safe.  The polyethylene insert is water, bacteria and mold resistant and very durable. 

The WhiteBoard / Device Stand

Stay organized with our whiteboard which is included under each lid insert. We have also added two slots to stand up your digital devices.

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